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Change authentication method xero

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Xero connected accounts in Australia | Ignition Help Center – Related articles

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Xero customers’ account passwords are occasionally compromised, usually due to phishing or malware. Having multi-factor authentication enabled significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to a customer’s account, as the attacker can only get the something they know (the user’s login and password), not the something they possess, so they can’t log in. Login to Xero. Login to Xero on your computer with your username and password, if you haven’t already set up MFA on your account, a screen similar to the below image will greet you. Click “Set up multi factor authentication”. 2. Choose an Authenticator App. Now, you need to choose an authentication app. We’ve developed it especially for Xero. It’s the only app that allows for quick and easy authentication using push notifications. After installing the authenticator app, you can login to Xero and change the device linked to your Xero account. Use a backup method to authenticate, if you don’t have access to your current authentication device.


Change your two-step verification method and settings.Change the device you use for MFA – Xero Central

Currently, you cannot manage your 2FA setup within Ignition. Please note you will need to do this each time you wish to log into Ignition. Follow these steps to change the app you use. When you enter a phone number, you can select how you receive the verification code. Enter a setup key instead. Under Additional Security , click Change in the Connected device section. All Collections.


Change authentication method xero

Click your initials or profile image, then select Account. Under Additional Security, click Change in the Connected device section.

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